Monday, July 21, 2008

Being all whiny

I really don't want to go to the Weight Watchers meeting. I haven't been there for three weeks, and I've gained more weight than I'm okay with because my pants feel too tight. There are going to be a bunch of cheery and optimistic people who have lost weight this week and are close to getting to goal, while I'm sitting there feeling bitter. But I'll go, and I'll probably weigh in, because I want to lose weight this week and I'd like to know about it next week. Better gain twenty pounds this week and lose a pound next week than gain nineteen pounds next week. The meetings have worked before and damn it if I'll give up because I'm being an idiot.

It's been humid as all get out, which hasn't been encouraging me to get outside and go running, because humid plus running plus girl who sucks at running equals terrible. I'd come up with something more witty but it is too humid. I'm well aware that if someone from Florida or Brazil or Mississippi were to visit right now, they would laugh long and hard at my discomfort. Just as I would laugh long and hard at their discomfort of below freezing weather in the winter. But, hell, I'm the one that has to run.

So, I'm off to get the bad news and get back on track.


Red said...

It's good to declare bankruptcy once a while and "start over".

You may weigh more than you please but if you record it you'll feel like you accomplished something when you get back to your previous "low weight" instead of feeling like you just maintained your weight.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm with Red-- I like the idea of "declaring bankruptcy" and starting with a clean slate.

I don't think there's any long term struggle that doesn't involve some backsliding. Totally human.

So good luck with the weigh in, whatever the heck "good luck" might mean.

MizFit said...

how was the meeting?!
did the cheeriness rub off on you?

hows the week progressing?

inquiring minds an all....

Melissa said...

Golly, I tried WW for a while, and I felt really good on it once I got over the first couple of weeks of stress--it just seems so obsessive counting all the points. I kept at it, though, and lost some.

My problem is I don't need to lose much, so after I got rid of 10 pounds or so, it became really much harder. If you only get 20 points a day, you feel really deprived and if you eat more than that you don't lose any weight. So I drifted away from that and back into "if I just exercise more and concentrate on being healthy, that will do it for me." Except I haven't done that either. :-P Yet. Check out my progress at my I'm trying to do a lot of other stuff too, and I have to say it's really great to have a smorgasbord of goals to choose from! You don't get all hung up on just one.