Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knock on wood. Knock on wood. Knock on wood!

So, I've been having a weird appetite lately. Ever since I've given a damn about what I eat, cookies have always been my kryptonite. I could be so on top of things and have all my good fats and vitamins and correct servings of fruit and protein and feel so absolutely in control of things, and then I'd remember that there are Keebler Fudge cookies in the cabinet. I'd try to resist it, I'd even go so far as to resist for a couple of days, thinking if I could just hold out long enough, I could break my cookie addiction, but like an addict, I would constantly be thinking about those cookies and how it woudl be so easy to eat them.

But for the past three weeks, I've not had any appetite for cookies. In fact, when I have any craving for something sweet, it's been for an apple or an orange. I see the cookies in the cabinet and they are perfectly good cookies. Bona fide Chips Ahoy or Nabisco Oreos, but when I contemplate eating them, in my mind they taste like stale cookies from the 99 cent store. Even when I'm at the totally awesome coffee shop down the street from me with the really good melty chocolate chip cookies, they still don't really appeal to me.

Maybe it is a case of changing an appetite. When I was younger I used to like pork chops, and now, while I'll eat them if someone's cooked them, I'd prefer something else. Hopefully.

Or maybe it is because of the changing seasons. It's starting to become fully fledged fall here, and while I'd expect that to mean that I'd be craving comfort food more, maybe fall is anti-cookie season. Though it makes sense my craving for apples all the time.

In any case, I've been knocking on wood so much I expect my knuckles to start bleeding any second now. I've needed a kick start for a while now, where my eating good and being healthy lasts for maybe a day. But now, I've had four good days in a row.


Just_Kelly said...

Fall makes me think and crave baked goods more for some reason. And breads, dessert breads... mmmm...


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wish I could catch the same cookie syndrome. They're still pretty darn appealing to me! Fortunately, I don't have any cookies in the cabinet at the moment.

That's great that you're craving fruit instead. I eat fruit a lot of fruit, but rarely crave it like I do the sugary things. Sigh.

HollyALP said...

Congratulations on your four days of cookie resistance! I know the "knock on wood" feeling, as I sometimes get into a mood when my appetite seems second to the rest of the good things happening in my life. Alas, it passes sadly... But I am certainly sending you good no cookie mojo!