Monday, April 21, 2008

Why? Because it has to be.

So, I go to WW on Monday mornings. Apparently I have a hitherto unknown streak of masochism. Mainly it was because an acquaintance said that it was a really good meeting with a great group of people who are really supportive, and she was right. I've been going to these meetings ever since I started. I had to go to WW when I was fifteen, and I don't know if it was because I felt even more hideously awkward in a room full of middle aged woman and retirees who seemed to have no problems whatsoever and a leader who didn't seem to understand why this young had trouble losing weight than I as a fifteen year old overweight girl normally did. But now I have a totally awesome leader who lost her weight when she was about my age and she's incredibly supportive of everyone. She's very motivating. So even though I'm still in a room full of stay at home moms and I am usually the youngest in the room by ten years, I still connect with them and they ask me advice and I ask them advice. Good stuff.

But I can psych myself up for Monday mornings all I want to, telling myself that I'm better than those wusses who weigh in on Wednesdays, or better yet, on Fridays after being good all week, because damn it, I own up to what I did over the weekends. But all that psyching up doesn't stop the thoughts of "Ooooh. I had an order of fries and a beer on Friday. Maybe shaving my legs or wearing a non-padded bra will offset that."

Feel free to point and laugh.

But it is a way positive thing, even though recently I went through a two months spell where every single week I gained. It sucked sucked sucked. But I still left the meeting feel as though I could take every thing on. Obviously, I didn't, for a while, but hell, this is what this blog is for.

Which brings us to our next point. I went down today. I also went down last week as well, the first time in...well, two months. One of the women at my meeting who I always sit next to and knew I was having a rough time of it told me when we were leaving the meeting that "It's going to be a good week. And you know why? Because it has to be." And I'd been listening to a cd my friend burned for me on the way to the meeting with a song called "Good Day" by a band called Natives of a New Dawn, with the line "It's gotta be a good day. Why? Because it has to be." So I figure, it's a sign, and through a couple of different reasons, I did have a good week. I had my first loss in a while. And so when I came back the next week, I told the woman, who had her turn to have a bad week and was discouraged. So I told her that since her pep talk worked so well for me, I'd give her one in turn. And she came in today with a the same two and a quarter loss I had the week before.

So, it's going to be a good day. It's going to be a good week. It's gonna be a good life. Why? Because it has to be. No other options, here.

How's that for cheese?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

That's awesome that you stuck with it even through the depressing "up" weeks--I think that's the kind of of thing that sets people up for long term success.

And Monday morning weigh-ins are indeed brave!

JEMi said...

I will not point and laugh.

I will however let a knowing smile slip.


and you know what? I like cheese. :)


I found you on unstarved and I like your writing style. I'll be back!

Fooled said...

I'm hoping that by doing the opposite of whatever I really want to do regarding weighing in will be what keeps me successful in the long run. If I weigh in on weeks where it is the absolute last thing that I want to do, I'll weigh in. Some weeks where I feel like I'm doing so awesome I want to weigh myself every day, I can't do that or else I'll screw with my head.

Jemi, I'm very flattered. Really, really. You have no idea how happy, skippy I was when I saw that I had comments. And that's the good thing about the online healthy living thing. I've lurked on blogs for almost a year now, and I've noticed that no matter what struggle or thought, someone's been there. I'm sure someone has sort of half seriously had the shaving/non padded bra thought.