Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I still hate shopping

So, in a few weeks I am traveling down south to visit with a friend for a few days. I live in Massachusetts. Tennessee tends to experience summer way sooner than I get to. So that means my plan of not buying summer clothes until sometime in June is foiled. Unless I want to walk around with my jeans rolled up like I'm about to go wading and look like an idiot.

Shopping just takes time, even more so now. I still am not a hundred percent sure what size I am. For example, when I low carbed it a few years ago, I bought a size 14 skirt, which I remember at the time, was a bit snug, but it fit. Now, most of the things I try on that are size fourteen fit me, but the only way this skirt fits is if I pull it up far enough that there is a threat of indecent exposure. So I'm trying really hard to lose some weight, because other than an old pair of capris that are a strange color of denim, that skirt is the only thing that will fit me that I currently own. I'm not sure if I can fit into that skirt in three weeks, but I'm going to try.

I have other skirts, capris, cargo pants, but last summer, I had to walk around with my hands in my pockets so I could nonchalantly keep them from falling off. I'm sure that worked.

When I started exercising, besides yoga, my exercise of choice was the elliptical. It was pretty self explanatory, and I have bad knees, so I couldn't exercise to the point of exhaustion running on the treadmill like I could on the elliptical without jarring my knees. I kept track of how far I could run on the elliptical. I started out at 2.3 miles. By the next week I worked up to 5 miles. The next week I got to 7.5 miles. I eventually got up to 9.4 by the end of the next month. I would have gone further, but the machine makes you get off after an hour. I don't want to give up kickboxing or the ADD class. Step, I could do without, but I don't think I'll be dropping it. But I'd still like to get back to that sort of stamina.

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