Friday, January 9, 2009

I did some serious core work for a while yesterday, beyond doing a few crunches and bicycle thingies until I got bored. Fortunately I am not at the state where I am not wracked with pain if I should have to cough.

Working on my core more is my first official step of my plan to be able to win in a zombie invasion. More core work means more balance means less tripping and having my skull ripped apart. Plus Wii Fit keeps telling me my balance is bad and asking me if I trip a lot when I walk. The fact that I do only aggravates me more, and instead of being able to blame my clumsiness on my father's bad genes and spending more time than I'd like to admit worrying if I'm going to trip on something, this piece of white plastic is telling me if I spend more time on a virtual tight rope (which I reached pro level on yesterday. Suck on that, Wii!), I might not find myself tripping so much when I walk.

Now all I need is a game where a zombie is chasing me across a virtual tight rope, and I'd be golden. Or else I'd be having some really weird dreams.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I love the ZMF you've incorporated into your routiine! (Zombie Motivational Factor). I usually just dream about random psycho killers, and tend to forget about them on the treadmill when they'd be useful. But if they're going to harass me in my dreams, perhaps I should put them to work in real life!

On the other hand, the fewer bad dreams the better, so maybe I'll just use my iPod. Or borrow your zombies to chase me, since they don't visit me at night.