Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying new things

Much of the time, trying new things is pretty good. Particularly in exercise or something physical, because nowadays, whenever I try something new, I exceed my own expectations. That may be because before I do the New Thing, I'm telling myself "Don't kill yourself over this. No one expects you to be an expert." And then once I get into it "Oh, this isn't so bad." And I get into it. And then the next day I have trouble moving my arms. But I think the confidence from knowing I can do the New Thing is worth having the temporary limited mobility.

And then there are times when trying new things is bad. Like at a wine tasting. Because two years ago, I don't like wine. And then I happen to be at a party/wine tasting and someone gives me wine, and it is the first ever wine I liked. And then the next year/this past Saturday night, I'm at the same person's wine tasting and I like a lot more wine. And it turns out what my mother has been saying is true and that wine is a terrible thing to get drunk off of, and induces my first ever hangover. Also a bad thing to try. On the other hand, I'm sure I've lost some weight praying to the porcelain gods this weekend.

Mainly I'm writing this post because the next time it occurs to me to drink wine, maybe I'll remember this post.

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