Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not exercising.

Inspired by this entry at unstarved, I did not exercise this morning. Okay, actually not. I legitimately had stuff that needed doing starting at 4:30 am and ending at 4:30pm. And I don't care, but I think I'm crazy enough anyway for getting up at 5 am for exercising. I'm not getting up any earlier unless...I really don't have an instance where it would be an unless.

I am also planning on not going to the gym tomorrow, because tomorrow is piyo, and I've done piyo thing when I am sick and it gets messier than when I do cardio. Nose running while I'm in a downward dog or forward fold. Engaging my core somehow tripping off a coughing attack. I'm feeling loads better. Really. Cross my hear and hope to die. And I probably won't hack my lungs out during savasana, but on the off chance, I don't want the spinners who come in afterwards to ruin their funky shoes by stepping on my organs.

I might...try running tomorrow. Or walking. Probably walking. Or more likely, probably nothing at all. But I'm really itching for something. I was going to go for a walk this afternoon, it being the first nice day for about a week, but when I stepped outside, it appeared that all the pollen from eastern Massachusetts had collected in my lungs. So I settled for reading a book outside and scaring the neighbors by doing my best impression of my cat being sick.

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