Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time for some thrilling heroics (except really not)

Surely if the weather is this nice...or at least warm, that means God wants me to enjoy it and not waste it by running around getting all sweaty. At least, that's what I tried to tell myself this morning when I woke up. Except it was kind of dreary and only slightly warm when I first woke up and apparently had been raining that night before I woke up.

The pushy voice told me it was probably perfect running weather. I wouldn't get too hot, there'd still be water dripping from the trees that would feel nice, but it wasn't so cool that I'd start coughing my lungs out. And even if it wasn't perfect running weather, how would I know until I tried? My running sneakers, which also seem to have a voice, reminded me that I feel damn cool while wearing them (even if I do overpronate enough that if you start looking at them too long they look like orthopedic shoes), that I did spend a helluva lot of money on them, and they are just too damn pretty to spend their life in front of the kitchen door. So I ran. And I did the second week of the couch to 5K thing, and although it wasn't as bad as my first day and really wasn't too bad at all, I was very glad when I was done. I was also, however, very glad that I had done it.

And I've got more to say, but all the sudden I am very tired and my eyes keep shutting while I type this out so hopefully my hands have stayed on homerow, because I don't feel like typing this all out again.

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