Monday, January 12, 2009

My dose of whining for the day.

Somehow, every single time I've gone to try on bridesmaid dresses, I've had my period. Not cool. Even this month, when I've gone kind of wonky, probably because of the holidays, I'm going to pick up the bridesmaid dress and see what needs to be fitted. I'm terrified it won't fit after the holidays, even though last time it was lose enough that I thought my friend was mistaken when she said it was zipped up. I also don't know where I am going to put it, as it is a foofy dress and my closet is tiny enough that the normal size hangers are wider than the closet.

I've also been craving bacon a lot in the past thirty six hours, since my adventures in Wine Land. I indulged myself yesterday and today, because this morning I was still feeling kind of grody, but tomorrow it's back to my "detoxing" diet of cheerios and almond milk. I call it detoxing because I'll be less likely to crave diner sort of breakfasts, including the breakfast sandwich at the place down the street. The almond milk is because I'm borderline lactose intolerant, especially in the mornings, and I prefer it over soy milk, and not because I'm doing a vegan detox.

I've been wanting to take walks on the beach, except it's been either snowing or frostbite cold. Last winter I toughed it out on the days where it wasn't frostbite cold and bundled up and went to the beach anyway. But lately if I haven't been busy, it's either dark, frostbite cold, or snowing. It's (comparatively) the beginning of winter and already I'm getting annoyed at the cramp the snow is putting in my style. Namely my desire to drop everything and go to the beach whenever I feel like it when I'm not working.


DonnaLynn in Hawaii said...

I'm going to have to try almond milk. Sounds delicious!

MizFit said...

I love my morningstar fams sausage patties and faux bacon.

just a's not the real thing but IMO it is better than turkey bacon.

Fooled said...

Almond milk is delicious, especially in cereal, because then it just tastes like you are eating some sort of nutty cereal.

I would have never thought of making morningstar bacon, but that's an awesome idea because I am absolutely crap at making bacon. Faux foods seem to be a lot harder to screw up (there is something inherently wrong about that sentence, but I can't figure out what it is).

POD said...

I drink both almond and soy and use them in coffee etc. I use soy creamer in coffee too. (Not that anyone was asking. ha)

I have eaten faux 'meat' and wonder why they make it but I love Morningstar faux corndogs. You could not catch me eating a real hotdog for any amount of cash.

I hate to brag cuz it has nothing to do with me but the weather where I live has been really warm. In the 70s during the day without rain. Total beach weather without the mobs of tourists. (I'm about 8 miles from the beach).
Okay, that's enough bugging you!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I love the idea of a cheerios and almond milk detox diet. I think you could make some money off that!

MizFit said...

youre allowed to whine...just not leave us hanging :)

have a good week? weekend plans?