Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Run Around

I went to the gym today to do the elliptical. I'd been slacking off (if you can call it that, and I'd use another word if my mind were working right, but I'm the person who routinely dreams about zombies, so obviously my mind ain't working right) on the whole working out on my own. I read somewhere that people who's jobs, and, indeed, lives, tend put them in charge of a situation tend to gravitate toward group classes at the gym, with an instructor, because they like not being in charge for once. And while I'm in charge of no one except myself (and even then, not really), I kind do have to keep track of a bunch of different people doing a bunch of different things at work. In the gym class, everyone is doing the same thing and the only person I have to keep track of is the instructor.

But, as you may have heard, it is winter in the northern hemisphere, and I'm sick of the snow already, so I am planning of what I can do when I don't have to worry about falling ass over backwards on a patch of ice. I get bored after two seconds on a treadmill, but the elliptical is at least tolerable, so I went on that today instead of going to a class, in the idea that if I start now, I might be able to run around the block in April without having the non-asthmatic's version of an asthma attack. I made it 2 and a half miles, which is what I was expecting. Last time I used the elliptical, I made it to nine miles in a go within a month, so all I need to do is keep it up. Problem is right now my knees have been bothering me, even with the elliptical (another reason why I did the elliptical over the class that generally involves invisible jump ropes and jumping jacks and plyo hops) and I think the elliptical may have exacerbated it. It's my own damn fault, I've been wearing high healed boots for nearly a week straight, and even if they are the most comfortable high healed boots I could ever possibly afford, if I go for too long without spending a signficant portion of my time in sneakers, my knees start complaining. Alas.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to take a break from ellipticals and jumping jack sort of aerobics because we're due for the snow storm everyone's been talking about tomorrow, and I'm not driving to the gym in the middle of a snow storm and the living room isn't ideal jumping jack territory. Maybe I'll put a dvd in or something, but any work out dvd I have tends to be, IMO, too easy, and I feel like I'm cheating. Still, better than nothing.


Melissa said...

Knees...ain't it the truth. Mine have been pretty good lately, though. I'll bet you would say my DVDs are extremely wussy, but at least my knees aren't complaining. Yet.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hope the dvd did the trick!

And hey, any exercise at all when extreme weather interferes with a normal workout gets triple credit in my book.